The Data Side Service Parts Planning – MCA SPO

The data side of any type of planning system, and by extension service parts planning is quite important. Planning data is aggregated from transaction data and is usually much lower in volume than the data held in transaction systems. Planning systems need to be run in simulation mode or off line, in addition to being connected to execution systems to make decisions.


SPO is very flexible from the perspective of data management. MCA distributes a program called DataLink (as of 2008) which allows non-database administrators to effectively load the SPO database from Access tables. DataLink is very good for making changes when running the software in “What-If” mode (i.e. when it is not connected to a production system).

New Load

New Load

However, when porting over an entire dataset, DataLink is not the best way to do this. Instead, a “dump” can be taken from another database and uploaded into MCA in one stroke. The following bullet points list the steps to performing this task.


Perform the dump from the extracted SPO system

Create a database on the system hosting the receiving SPO instance using the SPO scrips included in the SPO installation.

Upload the dump to SPO. It will end in .dmp


MCA Solutions has a nice tool for loading SPO directly from Access, which is great for non-database admins to populate the application.

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