SAP Repair Lead Times and Costs

SAP ERP Repair Lead Times

When receiving repair lead times and costs from SAP, there are several different ways to approach obtaining this information:

  1. Repair Lead Time
  2. Costs

This issue is that SAP has not set up the material master for out of the box functionality with regards to repair planning. For this reason, adjustments to the material master, or a program must be written which can go back and average repair costs and repair lead times. Therefore, the alternatives include:

  1. Create a program to go and interrogate past service or refurbishment orders
  2. Create a custom field for repair lead times and repair costs into the material master

Option 1 would be preferable if it can be accomplished as it would minimize maintenance…SAP would be constantly updating these values making them more accurate (in theory) than custom fields that most likely be averages.

To understand at a detailed level how repair time are incorporated into planning and SPP, see the list below.




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