Repair Pal for Repair Costing

Transparency Improved by Repair Pal

On many occasions in this blog we have have decried the lack of transparency in service parts and service repair operations. Recently we found an interesting web site which addresses this for the automotive repair market. It is called Repair Pal. It provides both repair costing – estimation, as well as repair locations that can provide the intended service.

We performed a search for our Honda Accord for a repair we had performed several years ago. This is what the report looks like.

As you can see, it differentiates between dealers and independent shops, with the dealers being more expensive. It also breaks down the labor vs. part cost.

After receiving a “quote” one can look towards the right side of the screen where possible locations are listed to have the work done.

All we can say is, what a great service. We think this is Repair Pal is the first place to check before getting any repair done. Try it out for yourself at the link below. Further Capabilities Repair pal allows you to search specifically for the service you need. It also provides a range. We recently needed to find timing belt replacement for our Honda. You can perform a search…

..or you can select.


RepairPal also provides advice as to when to perform repairs. Our car is 12 years old, yet it does not have enough miles to justify a timing belt replacement. However, RepairPal recommends the belt be replaced every 6 years, which is a great insight and shows that we are completely due for a replacement.

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