Eric Larkin from Arena Solutions on BOM Management for the Service Market


Eric Larkin, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder or Arena Solutions, a very innovative and powerful BOM (bill of material) management application, describes how Arena Solutions is rolled out on service parts accounts. He describes some of the differences between finished goods implementations of Arena Solutions vs. service part implementations.


Title: Eric Larkin from Arena Solutions on BOM Management for the Service Market

Here we learned that with regards to service parts, Arena Solutions helps companies know what they build and when they built it. That is they provide a comprehensive revision history. This allows companies that use Arena to ship out to customers exactly the correct service part product version that matches their equipment. A service part BOM (bill of material) management implementation will tend to have more materials, but a less complex BOM structure, so the challenges on the master data side are a bit different, but that the essential process of implementation remains similar. Companies that use Arena often model all products, that is service parts and finished goods in the same implementation. I could personally see a pure service parts implementation of Arena, and on of the reasons could be that the service organization could decide to go with a different BOM solution than finished goods.


This interview is filled with information that should be valuable to anyone interested in BOM management for service parts. I wanted to thank Arena Solutions for letting me record and post the videos here.


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